Bart De Pooter

Ever since Bart was little, he was focused on food. As a four-year-old, he started cooking his own oatmeal. Since then, he has continuously been found in the kitchen or the vegetable garden. That is where he developed his refined taste for fresh ingredients.


Bart has a massive appetite for discovery and travel. He is constantly exploring to develop his culinary projects and creations further. With nature on top of his mind, he playfully experiments with the ever-changing seasons.

My stories

“I have always worked hard to reach the culinary top. To strive for that ultimate crowning achievement and to put my stamp on the wonderful world of gastronomy. That is a craving I will always have. A hunger that I can only satisfy with the best dishes, drinks, and service.” – Bart De Pooter

“As a chef, you have to constantly ask yourself what could be better tomorrow.”



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